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Glastonbury Grande Grill - Built In Black Friday 15% OFF

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The ‘Glastonbury Grande Grill’ provides you with the perfect wood-fired Argentinian cooking experience time after time.

Simple to light, easy temperature control using the Glastonbury Grande Grill two independently height-adjustable grills with multiple cooking zones and most importantly great fun to cook on.

Whether you are cooking thick-cut rib-eye steaks, fabulous chicken wings or beautiful vegetables, the added flavour and theatre of cooking over the red-hot hardwood embers, will have your friends and family hooked from day one.

With a whopping 0.9m x 0.44m of flexible cooking space over two independent cooking surfaces plus the top of the ember maker, it’s perfect for large events.

Built and engineered to last from 3-5 mm Cor-Ten Steel and 304 Stainless steel to provide you with years of enjoyment.

Leadtime: Currently 4-6 weeks


What's Cor-Ten? 

Cor-Ten Steel is also known as weathering steel

The combination and production of alloys mean the steel produced retains its strength and doesn’t need painting because it is corrosion resistant.

Instead of corroding, the steel is subject to surface oxidation and develops its own protective film. Although this layer resembles ‘rust’ it is in fact a ‘controlled’ corrosion which is stable, forming a corrective rather than damaging layer across the metal.

As the surface layer develops over time, the appearance and durability of Cor-Ten steel on your Glastonbury Grande Grill is enhanced as a result of weathering. As a result, every Glastonbury Grande Grill made from Cor-Ten develops a very unique, rustic-looking finish.


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