What is an Argentinian Grill?

What is an Argentinian Grill?

An Argentinian grill is so much more than a BBQ its the center peace of Argentinian Asado open fire cooking event that brings together family and friends for amazing food cooked over fire. 

The Argentinian Grill also also known as a "Parrilla Grill, Gaucho Grill and Santa Maria Grill in California "  is a type of grill traditionally used in Argentina and other South American countries for cooking various types of meat, especially beef over fire. It is known for its unique design and cooking style, which is particularly well-suited for grilling large cuts of meat and creating a distinctive flavour and theatre. 

Key features of an Argentinian Grill:

  1. Adjustable Grate: The grill typically has a height-adjustable grate that allows you to control the distance between the meat and the fire. This feature enables you to adjust the cooking temperature and the intensity of the flames, giving you precise control over the grilling process.
  2. Wood or Charcoal Fuel: Argentinian grills are often fuelled by wood or charcoal, which imparts a smoky and flavourful quality to the grilled meat. 
  3. Over Embers: The meat is cooked directly over embers, which adds a unique charred and smoky flavour to the food. The grill's design usually includes a firebox or pit where the wood or charcoal is burned.
  4. Grill Grates or V-shaped Racks: Argentinian grills often have grill grates or V-shaped racks that allow the rendered fat to drip away from the meat, preventing flare-ups and creating a rich, smoky aroma.