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Does My Asado or Grande Grill come with a cover


Can my asado and grande Grill be left outside year-round? 

Yes, our grills are designed to be outside year-round, with autumn and winter being our favourite times of year for woodfired cooking. When not in use, put the cover on.

How will My Gunmetal Asado or Grande Grill weather? 

Your Gunmetal Grill base is hand-made from raw mild steel and if left untreated will gain a rusty patina over time. For this reason, we pre-oil your Gunmetal Grill with rapeseed oil for protection, so you just need to add fire to finish the seasoning process off, just like seasoning a wok or cast-iron pan.

Long-term you have two options:

Option 1: Keep seasoning your Gunmetal grill and keep covered when not in use. The ember maker will need a quick coating of rapeseed oil after each cook due to the heat in this area, whereas the rest of the grill will just need doing when needed.

If you do not use your Asado Gunmetal Grill for a period of time, some surface rust may occur, just wipe over the area with a fine coat of rapeseed oil and fire up to back it in. 

Option 2: Let it weather naturally and develop a patina over time, this will not affect the long-term durability as the thickness of the raw steel base means it will last 10 years without any issues.

All our Gunmetal Grills and wood store stands are handmade from sheet steel and as a result have slightly naturally occurring variations to the finish from the forging of the steel.

Why do you not coat the Gunmetal Grills with High-temperature coating?

 The primary reason is that over the years we have tested a wide variety of high-temperature coatings but all quickly burn off, add to this the negative environmental impact of many high-temperature coatings we moved to an oiled raw steel finish at the start of 2023.

Where do the drippings from the V-Grills go? 

The drippings from the V-Grills are captured in the drip tray at the front of the grill, so you can baste as you cook and even add wine and herbs to increase the flavour of your basting liqueur. 

 The drip tray has a large capacity, but if it does fill up when cooking a more fatty cut of meat use a stainless turkey baster to remove the drippings.

Are the V-Grills removable? 

Yes, the V-Grills are removable on the Asado. There are 3 sections on the Asado and 4 sections on the Grande. 

 The multiple sections also make it easy to switch the cooking setup as needed. For example, switching a V-Grill for a Chapa/Cattle Grid Grill or making space for the Rotisserie and Meat Hook.

What surface can I put my Asado and Grande Grill on?

If you are building your own base for the Asado or Grande Grill make sure its built from a non combustable material such as brick or concreate. There is a small air gap at the base of the Asado and Grande Grill so the bottom of the grill will not be sitting directly on to your stand. Click Here for more Safety Info

What are the external dimension for the Asado and Grande Grill ?

The Asado and Grande Grill external envelope drawings with all the dimensions you need can be found HERE.

How does the wood get from the ember maker at the back to under the cooking grill? 

There are holes in the base of the ember maker so once the logs break down to embers they drop through and roll down the slop into the cooking area. Your Asado and Grande Grill also come with an ember rack for positioning the embers and poking the fire when needed, this also doubles as a V-Grill cleaning tool. Click Here to watch a short Video

How long does it take to assemble my Asado and Grande Grill ?

All Asado Grills are now delivered fully assembled and Grande only needs height axle adding – super simple and ready to go out of the box

Can my Asado and Grande Grill be used inside?

No This is designed for OUTDOOR Use only - Please Read the Safety Warnings HERE. If you do not have the option with stands, place on a level, non-combustible surface such as a wall, paving or concrete. NEVER on a wooden surface or table.

Avoid using in high winds. Place at least 2m from any combustible materials. The Grill box gets very hot, please keep away from children and pets

What fuel should I use for Woodfired Cooking?

The main thing is to make sure that you're using hardwood logs with low moisture content, keep away from softwoods or wet wood you won’t get the right heat.  Smaller baton-sized logs are best, as they progress from log to ember more quickly, but you can easily split bigger logs with a small hand axe.

For a local supplier, the best way is to find a local pizza restaurant with a wood-burning oven and have chat with them, they will know the best local suppliers. To get you started, here are few great online suppliers but we always suggest shopping locally if you can.

Can I Use Charcoal

Yes, a good wood lump charcaol works best, Click Here for a video of how to start Charcoal on your Somerset Grill

What do I do when cooking on my Asado or Grande Grill?

Your Asado and Grande Grill is designed to cook low and slow. Cook on embers, not flames. Be patient!!

Adjust the height of the grill plates using the winding mechanism. If meat is cooking too quickly, raise a few centimetres to reduce temperature. Juices and any fat will collect in the unique V shaped grill, and collect drain channel at the front. Use this to baste your cooks for flavour.

Don’t neglect your fire. Keep adding a few more logs if the cook will take more than 20 minutes or so, or you have several rounds to do. Maintaining your fire, and hence the supply of glowing embers is the key to success.

What do I do after cooking?

Allow the grill to cool down naturally. Do not remove ash from the base until cold, ideally the next day. The stainless steel grill plates can be removed and washed - soak and use normal detergents. It is perfectly normal and desirable for some blackening and discolouration of the grills, especially at the ember box end. This patina helps season the grill in. Once cool and cleaned, use the Grill cover to protect from weather until next time.

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