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What are the external dimension for the Glastonbury Grill?

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The Glastonbury Grill external envelope drawings with all the dimensions you need can be found HERE

What surface can I put my Glastonbury Grill on?

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If you are building your own base for the Glastonbury Grill make sure its built from a non combustable material such as brick or concreate. There is a small air gap at the base of the Glastonbury so the bottom of the grill will not be sitting directly on to your stand. See photo below

What do I get with the Grill?

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The Grill comes flat-packed in a wooden transport case for protection, along with any extras ordered like chapa or rotisserie. All nuts and bolts required for assembly are included and firebricks for heat dissipation.

How long does it take to assemble?

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The Grill itself takes 20-30 minutes for 2 people to assemble. The stand options take a further 15-20 minutes. This includes laying the supplied firebricks out on the base too. Instructions for assembly are HERE. All spanners and tools required are provided.


This is designed for OUTDOOR Use only – Please Read the Safety Warnings HERE.

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Please Read the Safety Warnings HERE. If you do not have the option with stands, place on a level, non-combustible surface such as a wall, paving or concrete. NEVER on a wooden surface or table.

Avoid using in high winds. Place at least 2m from any combustible materials. The Grill box gets very hot, please keep away from children and pets

Do I need to do anything before first use?

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To protect your Grill, and season it in for your first cook, we suggest coating the V shaped grill plates top and bottom with any cooking oil. Rapeseed oil is ideal, as it has a high smoke point. At high cooking temperatures the oil will interact with the grill to season it.

What fuel should I use?

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We recommend top grade dried hardwoods, such as the African hardwoods recommend suppliers can be found – HERE. Although more expensive, they have a much higher caloric density, and release more heat over a much longer period. Do NOT use wet wood, softwood or any treated wood.

You can use high quality charcoal too, but it’s much less fun!

What do I do when cooking?

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The Glastonbury Grill is designed to cook low and slow. Cook on embers, not flames.

Adjust the height of the grill plates using the winding mechanism. If meat is cooking too quickly, raise a few centimetres to reduce temperature. Juices and any fat will collect in the unique V shaped grill, and collect drain channel at the front. Use this to baste your cooks for flavour.

Don’t neglect your fire. Keep adding a few more logs if the cook will take more than 20 minutes or so, or you have several rounds to do. Maintaining your fire, and hence the supply of glowing embers is the key to success.

How do you drain the the drip tray?

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On longer cooks or when cooking fatter meat you may find that the drip tray need emptying, the best way to do this is with a stainless steel turkey baster. DO NOT PICK UP THE DRIP TRAY WHEN HOT.

What do I do after cooking?

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 Allow the grill to cool down naturally. Do not remove ash from the base until cold, ideally the next day. The stainless steel grill plates can be removed and washed - soak and use normal detergents. It is perfectly normal and desirable for some blackening and discolouration of the grills, especially at the ember box end. This patina helps season the grill in.

Once cool and cleaned, use the Grill cover to protect from weather until next time.

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