The Somerset Grill Company was started by brothers Ben and Tom in 2018, with the simple aim of designing and building high-quality, affordable Asado style grills, based on the the joys of Argentinian live-fire cooking.

The idea for The Somerset Grill Company came about during Ben’s time crewing onboard the 120M Super Yacht Octopus. Whilst working on the super yacht, he learned about live fire cooking in the shape of a custom-made Asado Grill, rumoured to have cost around $30,000! Tasting the food from this grill blew Ben’s mind, and after converting his engineer brother Tom to the joys of ‘Asado’ cooking, (Spanish for roasting or grilling), the idea of The Somerset Grill Company was born.

Making live fire cooking easy and look great was the big challenge at stake. They set out to design an Asado grill that was in reach of all outdoor cooks, and would perfectly in anyone's garden, providing a variety of live-fire cooking methods.

Three prototypes and many designs later, the Glastonbury Asado Grill was born, and production started in a shipping container.

Listening to customer feedback, we have constantly refined and improved many features, our newest 2023 models offer outstanding ease of use - not to mention they look great too!

Our company now produces all grills in-house at our own 2,500 sq,ft industrial unit in South Somerset, under the guidance of expert welder and product developer Paul and his team.

Thanks for being part of our journey. Here's to great cooking - and even greater food.

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Somerset Grill Co Unit 2A,Somercroft Farm Seavington St Michael Ta19 0fe

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