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Oct 29, 2022

Smokin Elk: Santa Maria Style Tri-Tip Steak

Looking for your next cook?  Then before you head to the butchers watch Smoking Elk 'Santa Maria-Style Tri-Tip Stea...

Aug 21, 2022

Full Rack of Pork Ribs - UK BBQ Schools Marcus Bawden

UK BBQ Schools Marcus Bawden cooks an amazing full rack of ribs over an open fire on the Glastonbury Asado Grill.

Jul 9, 2022

The Smokin' Elk: Fire Cooked Pork Leg Joint With Gorgeous Crackling!

The Smokin Elk's latest video cooking a fantastic roast pork leg along with some pancetta potatoes and some grille...

Jan 10, 2022



Jan 6, 2022

Bone in Sirloin Cooked on The Glastonbury Asado Grill

Marcus of Country Wood Smoke cooking up an amazing bone-in sirloin over open fire on our Glastonbury Asado Grill, Ma...
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