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Grande Cor-Ten

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The Grande Cor-Ten Grill is the new big brother of our original Glastonbury Asado Grill with all the same theatre and enjoyment that wood-fired cooking provides, only bigger.
With 75% more cooking space, the Grande provides the perfect centrepiece giving you plenty of space when cooking for large groups of family and friends.
  • New on 2023 models - wires for smoother height control; even lower grill height for searing; bigger drip trays; improved V Grill stability and heavy lockable duty castor wheels for mobility.

  • Available in both single and double grill configurations

    • Cor-Ten finish - this has a pre-rusted look, and will last for 25 years or more.

    • Built from heavy duty steel and 304 stainless steel your Grande Grill will give you and your family years of enjoyment

    • Much more than a BBQ - from cooking thick-cut rib-eye steaks, fabulous chicken wings or beautiful vegetables, to long roasts, or simmering casseroles, all with the added flavour and theatre of cooking over the red-hot embers, will have your friends and family hooked from day one

    • Shipped 95% assembled (height axle needs adding only), so you are almost ready to go on delivery

    • Free shipping with all UK orders. Discover more info here.

    • Weight: 200Kg

    • Base Footprint: 1012mm x 852mm including handle 

    What's Included?

    • Cover
    • Grande Cor-Ten Double
    • Full set of stainless steel V-Grills
    • Fire bricks for the base
    • Ember rake

    What is Cor-Ten?

    Put simply, it is a type of steel. More specifically it is a high-strength, low-alloy structural steel created by United States Steel in 1930 to resist abrasion and corrosion and used largely in the shipping industry to make shipping containers.

    Developed by mixing a particular combination of steel and alloying elements, COR-TEN® steel (also written as corten and cor-ten) is known as 'weathering steel' due to the protective layer of rust that weathers - and protects - the material. This protective rust ‘patina’ on the surface prevents further corrosion from penetrating deeper into the metal.

    The most notable Cor-Ten structure in the UK is the Angle of the North


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