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Glastonbury Asado Grill + Stand

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  • The ‘Glastonbury Asado Grill’ provides you with the perfect wood-fired Argentinian cooking experience time after time.
  • Simple to light, easy temperature control using the unique height-adjustable grill with multiple cooking zones and most importantly great fun to cook on.
  • Purpose-built heavy-duty stand made from 40mm box section.
  • Whether you are cooking thick-cut rib-eye steaks, fabulous chicken wings or beautiful vegetables, the added flavour and theatre of cooking over the red-hot hardwood embers, will have your friends and family hooked from day one.
  • With a whopping 0.66m x 0.32m of flexible cooking space, plus the top of the ember maker, it’s bigger than many large family’s BBQ’s.
  • Built and engineered to last from precession laser cut 3-5 mm Mild and 304 Stainless steel parts welded with the latest fibre optic laser welding.
  • Personalise your Glastonbury Asado Grill with our versatile range of accessories from rotisseries to Chapa’s grill plates.
  • The Glastonbury Asado Grill is also available built-in perfect for outdoor kitchens or with our unique woodstore.