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Asado Gunmetal with Woodstore

Wood-Fired Cooking Made Easy

With our range Argentinian Inspired Grills.

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    • Our Asado Gunmetal Grill provides you with an easy wood-fired Argentinian cooking experience, time after time.
    • Simple to light and use, easy temperature control using the unique height-adjustable grill with multiple cooking zones and most importantly great fun to cook on.  
    • With a whopping 660mm x 320mm of flexible cooking space, plus the top of the ember maker, it’s bigger than many large family’s BBQ’s.
    • New on 2023 models - wires for smoother height control; even lower Grill height for searing; bigger drip trays; improved V Grill stability and heavy lockable duty castor wheels for mobility.
    • This Woodstore option provides useful side tables, and handy covered log storage, as well as a base for the Asado. Looks great on the patio
    • UK Built and engineered to last from precession laser cut 3-5 mm Raw Mild Steel and 304 Stainless steel parts. 
    • Much more than a BBQ - from cooking thick-cut rib-eye steaks, fabulous chicken wings or beautiful vegetables, to long roasts, or simmering casseroles, all with the added flavour and theatre of cooking over the red-hot embers, will have your friends and family hooked from day one.
    • Voted Best UK Asado Grill 2023 by The Independent newspaper
    • Personalise your Asado Grill with our versatile range of accessories from rotisseries to Chapa’s grill plates
    • Free Shipping with all UK orders
    • Leadtime:
  • Currently around 2 -3 weeks but if you need it earlier get in touch and will see what we can do.

What's Included

  • Cover
  • Fully Assembled Asado Gunmetal Grill with Woodstore and side tables
  • Set of 3 stainless steel V-Grill's
  • Fire bricks for the base
  • Ember rake 



    Where to See In Person

      • The Outdoor Kitchen Collective - 
      • St Albans 
      • The GoG Farm Shop - 


    Does my Asado Gunmetal with Woodstore come with a Cover?


    Can my Asado Gunmetal with Woodstore be left outside year-round?

     Yes, our grills are designed to be outside year-round, with autumn and winter being our favourite times of year for woodfired cooking. When not in use, put the cover on.

     How does my Asado Gunmetal with Woodstore weather?

     Your Gunmetal Grill base is raw steel, if left untreated it will gain a rusty patina over time, for this reason, we pre-oil your Gunmetal Grill with Rapeseed oil for protection so you just need to add fire to finish the seasoning process off, just like seasoning a wok or cast-iron pan.

     Long-term you have two options:

     Option 1: Keep seasoning your Gunmetal grill and keep it covered when not in use. The ember maker will need a quick coating of rapeseed oil after each cook due to the heat in this area, whereas the rest of the grill will just need doing when needed.

     Option 2: Let it weather naturally and develop its own patina over time, the thickness of the raw steel base means it will last 10 years without any issues.

     What's the height of the door on my Asado Gunmetal Grill?


     Does the front open on my Asado Gunmetal Grill?

     Yes the front door opens and locks in at 90 degrees. 

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    Based around the traditional Argentinian Asado open-fire cooking event, your Somerset Grill provides you with the perfect wood-fired cooking experience at home.Simple to light, with easy height adjust grill for complete temperature control, which solve two of the main problems with cookng over fire. It’s perfect for everything from a BBQ, awesome steaks, slow roasts, cassreoles or grilled vegetables - an all round outdoor cooking solution. Choose from The Asado or it's bigger Grande cousin. And great fun too! Built in South Somerset and engineered to last.



    Hand Built at our factory in South Somerset from high-grade raw steel and 304-grade stainless steel. Your Asado or Grande Grill will give you and your family years of enjoyment.


    Get inspiration for some new recipes to expand your repetoire - think fish, or veg, or casseroles. Plus get hints and tips on how to get the most out of your Grill. Remember, use it all year round, not just on those sunny days!

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